Wednesday, February 25, 2015


  We got the L.O.N.G. awaited {well over a year} phone call on Monday night from the principle of our Elementary school letting us know that there was a space in the duel immersion Spanish program for Truman.
 The duel immersion process is a lottery although you still have to fill out an application and have it reviewed {I am still not totally sure I trust that that is what they really do...}.  Last spring we found out Truman didn't make it into duel immersion and we were so disappointed {especially after finding out most of his friends DID make it in}.

We also applied to the Soldier Hollow Charter school which he got into.  All last summer we debated what to do.  Finally, a few nights before school started when we were at back to school night for the Elementary school we got our answer.  Our conclusions was this, going to school is SO MUCH MORE than academics and academically we were not really worried about Truman at all.  At back to school night it just 'felt right' to be at the school where all the other kids from our neighborhood and ward would be, it felt like a sense of community.

We knew we were at the top of the "boy caucasian" list to get into duel immersion once there was an opening so all school year we have been waiting for the good news.
The principle suggested that we start right away so Truman went to school yesterday and said goodbye to Mrs. Huntington and all his friend from her class and today he is headed to Mrs. Henry's class for half the day in English and Maestra Ibarra's class for half the day in Spanish.
I asked him how he felt about being in duel immersion and this was his reaction!

When he jumped off the kindergarten bus at noon today he said,
"Now that was not normal"