Saturday, February 7, 2015

Birthday and Baptism.

Today was Gregg's birthday, and our nephew Enoch's baptism.
 Enoch is an exact replica of his dad!
 Our boys are obsessed with Enoch.  We are thankful for his great friendship and example to our boys.  He is so kind and patient to Truman and Bodie and such a peace maker. 
Enoch will make a great father and husband some day...he is growing up with all these sister surrounding him AND the best news of all ... this amazing family is getting ANOTHER baby sister in August!

{Quinn, Nelson, Tiffany, Aaron, Addie, Anna, Enoch, Jean}
 The Hopkinson's and Lovell's
 Cute Anna and Jean.
 Hopkinson's with their Nana and Papa Hopkinson
 Nana and Papa.
 Tiff, Enoch and Aaron.
 Grandma and Grandpa Quinn.
 Everyone loves this kid!
It was a special day.
 After the baptism we had a brunch at Hopkinson's.  Enoch's one request was for my homemade cinnamon rolls :) I was so flattered, and happy to make them (they turned out amazing).  Phew! 
 I also made cupcakes and we celebrated Gregg's birthday when we were together as a family.
I didn't take a single picture :(
Tonight I snapped this awful picture on my iphone of the boys having cupcakes before bed.
I feel so bad we didn't get pictures of Gregg's special day.
Happy Birthday Gregg, we still love you and hope you still love us.