Saturday, August 14, 2010


We just got back from a trip to Washington to see my cousin Lisa get married.  We are 'double' cousins because her mom is my moms sister and her dad is my dads brother.  So we share both sets of Grandparents - from the time we were really young we have called each other 'double' cousins!
They live in Moses Lake, Washington.  She was married in the Colombia River {tri-cities} temple.

The {Washington} Quinn Family
Allen and Christine, David, Sterling, Daniel, baby Kimball, Rachel, Lidia, Lisa and Skyler Hebdon, Angela, and Michelle {thats, Dr. Michelle}!
The kids.
Rachel and Sterling, Angela, Lisa, David and Michelle.

classic Grandpa Arave picture.
Cute Daniel doing his poses for me!

favors at the reception.

baby Kimball enjoying himself.
Grandma {Ida} Arave, Ilene Trent, Valine Quinn, Christine Quinn.
{notice my mom is on her tippy toes}.

The weather was beautiful - we loved seeing all the apple, cherry, corn and onion farms {I wish I would have stopped to make a picture}.  What beautiful land up there!  The wedding {and reception} were very nice and most important, Ilene and I survived the ghetto hotel {with a lake view}!!