Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We were home for about 16 hours last weekend {long enough to unpack, do the laundry and repack}.  On Sunday morning we headed out to Wyoming to hear one of my brothers missionary companions speak.  It was the elder that original trained Dallin and then later they served as Assistance to the President together.

Then we were off to Montrose, Colorado to my aunt and uncles house.  We helped them open this Papa Murphy's store.  Their original store burnt down about eleven months ago in a fire.  They built this new store and we helped them with last minute preparations for opening day.  It was very fascinating to me to see how everything works.  My uncle is super passionate about his Papa Murphy's - if you are ever in Montrose stop by for a pizza {it's in the Home Depot parking lot}

Here is a picture of all the dough ready for pizzas {if you ever wondered if everything is really made fresh, it is!}  The crew prepped and sold over 1,000 pizza's the first two days they were open.  Wow, that is alot of dough, sauce and fresh veggies!
After a long day prepping pizza's we went out to eat at Chilli's.
Thanks Marie and Jerry.

Truman enjoying Grandpa's blue cheese.
My cousin Josh and his wife Sam where also in Montrose so Truman got to play with his second cousin Libby.  I think they had fun together even though Truman is plugging his ears {he was sick of hearing us tell him to look at the camera}.
Next we were off to beautiful Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I highly recommend visiting this place. My parents rented a condo for us all to stay at.  This is the view from the deck.
The first morning we were there my mom, McKay and I went to a beginners water coloring class.  Above is a picture of us with our teacher and below is a picture of what I water colored.  It was really fun. 
There are lots of hiking trails and water falls in and around Pagosa Springs.  Every day my dad would have a hike all planned out for us.  The weather was perfect for some late summer hiking.

Truman collecting rocks.
Stopping for lunch after a four mile hike to a water fall {after lunch we never could find the trail to the next waterfall so we bush-whacked it to the other waterfall which made my mom crazy - then we had to bush-whack it back a mile to the trail before hiking out the four miles...}

On this trip Truman bonded with his 'Papa'..he always wanted to be with him!
Grandpa carried Truman out...and put him right to sleep!
The Hopkinson's came up from Flagstaff, Arizona and joined us for a couple of days.
Truman is a couple weeks younger then his cousin Jean.  Truman learned how to say "Dean" for Jean.  It's pretty cute!  Here she is feeding him breakfast!

Everyone loves uncle McKay {known as Kay, Kay}.
One day we rented tubes and floated the San Juan river.  First just the adults did it - but then we decided the kids would love it.  
Aaron and Enoch, McKay and Quinn, Addie and Tiffany
Addie ridding the waves like a pro.
Addie got stuck surfing this wave.  These teenage boys were yelling from the banks "do you want us to save you?"  She was giggling and laughing and enjoying the ride, it was pretty cute.  The funny thing was Aaron and McKay had been trying to surf the wave and couldn't do it and then with no effort Addie did it.  Eventually Aaron had to go pull her out.
After rafting Enoch's pants were soaking wet and see-through.  His pockets were full of darts - we had a good laugh.  He "won" a dart gun for not having any 'accidents' while potty training.  He carried the gun, and darts everywhere.
The last morning we attempted to play some miniature golf...it was entertaining!

Enoch and Quinn teeing off!  Nice form!

What a great week.  We missed Gregg.  He stayed home to work.
Now back to reality!

PS- I almost forgot, the best news of all...the Hopkinson's are moving to Utah {in one month}.  I can not describe how excited I am - I never  thought this would happen {I guess it's okay that I just announcement that on my blog...}   :)