Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Okay, these pictures need to be explained.  A little after midnight last night a bat flew into our master bedroom through our open deck door.  Gregg woke me up and asked what I thought we should do.  I told him I just wanted to sleep!

From our bed we watched the bat fly back and forth over our heads trying to decide what to do.  At one point Gregg thought it flew out of our bedroom and down the hall.  He jumped out of bed and slammed our bedroom door shut.  Gregg tried to Google "what to do when there is a bat in your bedroom".  It flew out of our room. We turned out the lights and tried to go to bed.

My mind started to wonder - I started to worry about Truman getting attacked and Nate turning into Edward.  Then I started to think about the bat pooping all over my house.  Then I heard it again right over my head! I screamed and Gregg flipped on the lamp to see the bat flying over our heads again.  We both screamed and hid under the sheets (no joke).  We got up the guts to run into the bathroom and shut the door.  Once safely behind the bathroom door we started to deliberate.

We decided to try and get the bat out.  We started throwing things at it, making noises, etc {the first picture shows what a mess our room was from throwing things at the bat}.  It was very comical.  At 2:30 AM I decided that we needed more help.  I ran upstairs and woke up a very delirious Nate.  Once he saw the commotion of the bat flying around and us chasing it he jumped right in.  First he grabbed our sheets and tried to barricade it.  That didn't work, the minute the bat started to fly toward him he hid under the sheets.  Finally we decided to take the screen off our window and try to get it to fly out the window (since it would not go near the door).  

That didn't work.  The bat kept flying back and forth in the bedroom.  Finally Nate started to chase it with an orange Home Depot bucket.  He ended up catching the bat mid-air in the bucket.  Once he did, he went out on our deck and chucked the entire bucket as hard as he could.  I hid safely behind the bedroom door taking pictures the entire time.  It was seriously the most comical thing I have witnessed in a long time.  

Our heart rates were so high after all the commotion that non of us could get back to sleep.  So at 3:00 AM we turned on Batman Returns.  We were seriously creeped out by the opening bat scene!