Sunday, August 17, 2008

los angeles, california.

sunday adventures

the los angeles temple visitor center.
(home sweet home!)

I was so bummed it was closed for remodeling...
I guess we will just have to go back again!

los angeles temple.

I gave Gregg the "Temple Tour"
I can't believe I could remember it after 4 years!

venice beach, california.

venice beach, california.

quinn family
redlands, california

sterling + daniel + rachel + camille + gregg + lydia
(sterling is my double cousin!)

daniel + camille

He was not to happy to see visitors when he woke up from his Sunday afternoon nap. After I gave him an In-n-Out sticker we were friends! He kept saying 'my cousins are here'

gabel family
rancho cucamonga, california.

Greggs good friend from growing up in Fort Collins, Colorado.