Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday afternoon.

Sunday after the family photos we enjoyed a great Cafe Rio meal by Tiffany, Christine and Samantha.  It was so good!  Thanks girls!

Thanks to Addie and Quinn for doing the table decorations.
The fam' gathered round for an annual Arave family talent show.

 Sharon is pictured above sharing a Jibber Jab (sp?) story.  Addie played the auto harp.
Clarissa taught everyone some dance moves.
I think Jake and April stole the show with their opera duo song.  So funny!! 
Addie also danced for us.  So precious.
After the talent show the girls hurried home for a bridal shower for Lisa - it was fun to hear the advise of all her cousins, aunts, mom, grandmda, etc. 
For dinner we roasted marshmallow and made s'mores.
Addie Hopkinson and Samantha Thun.
I love the marshmallow in Quinn's hair!

The teenagers were playing some intense 4-square dodge ball.
Addie, Levi Hale, Eric Thun, Anne Trent, Angela Quinn,  Heidi Hale getting ready for fireworks.
Hopinson family bundled up ready for the show.
McKay and Nate {plus a few extra neighbor boys} put on a great fireworks show.