Monday, July 12, 2010

5k Race.

Monday morning Marie and Erik planned a family 5K fun run/walk./bike and roll.
Ilene and Joel Trent
Ready, Set, Go.

Abe coming across the finish line in his Tahoe.

Josh and Sam {who just had a baby 7 weeks ago}
Abe, Crew and Lindsey Schank.
Marie Thun and Anthony Quinn
Enoch biked the entire race!

Clarissa, Abi, Kennedi and Dan {not sure what he is wearing}.
Joe and Molly Gutke - the official timers.

Addie enjoying an after race creamy
Tiffany eating Enoch's creamy off the drive way. Truman with his award.
Nate playing in the sand box.  Somethings never change. Molly playing bad-mitten with Joe.
Monday afternoon April organized a service project.  We made these felt puppets for the church humanitarian department.  Thanks April.

cute Dallin Trent.
Addie ready to swim.
Abi Thomas.
baby Kennedi Thun.
McKay riding Abbie's bike.
Thank you to everyone for making the effort to come to the family reunion and thank you to everyone who helped!