Sunday, November 15, 2009

sunday night.

Time for a little update.  Sorry I have been a blogging slacker.  We have been very busy around our house.  {I thought I would include some photos of Truman at bath time tonight to go along with my update}.  About a month ago Gregg started a new job with Red Ledges {a gated golf community on the east side of Heber} He loves it and it has been a great move for us so far {if anyone wants to come check it out and golf next summer just let us know}.  We are the new proud owners of a lot in Red Ledges.  We don't plan on building/living there until Truman is in high school.

I don't know what happened to the economy but Real Estate suddenly picked up {or at least our business has}.  We have sold almost all of our listings in the past 60 days.  Hurray!  Even though it has been crazy busy, we are very excited to have the Real Estate market on the up swing {by the way, the new home buyers credit was extended until June 2010 so if you are a first time home buyer that is great news!}

I am also doing two large Interior Design projects right now.  One house has to be done by this Saturday and the other by Christmas (including Christmas decorations).  They are not the typical 'Park City' look that I have done so many times - they are different and I hope they turn out.  I will have them both photographed when they are completely done and share the photos on my blog.

Truman is great.  At his 6 month appointment he only weighed 12 pounds 14 ounces.  Small fry.  He eats, sleeps and poops great so I can't complain.  He goes along with me everywhere including to office meetings and shopping for interior design clients.

On Thursday night I hosted a really fun Girls Night Out were we made 5 fondues! I should have taken a photo.  The next night my family came over and we made 3 more fondues.  It was a triple date {dad and mom, Gregg and Camille, and Nate and Lauren plus our 5th wheel McKay}!
Here's to another busy week!

PS- Truman got his first hair cut!