Monday, August 10, 2009

the weekend.

Last week Truman and I made a quick trip to Idaho to visit my cousin Lindsey and her husband Abe who were in town. They had not met Truman yet and I was not sure when I would get to see them again (they live in Nevada). We did a whole lot of nothing! It was great. This picture says it all - we sat around and talked (okay, that is not entirely true, I did a 4 mile morning walk with my aunt, visited both sets of grandparents, got my hair cut by my cousin Molly and visited my aunt Joan and her family).

As soon as we got home we unpacked our bags and repacked for Stampin' Up convention. Truman got this "first convention" pin and was a hit with the ladies.

The first day just my dad and I attended (he is on the board of directors so I got to tag along with him!) Truman and Gregg had fun hanging out in the hotel (my mom was at girls camp). Can you picture my dad with 3,000 crazy Stampin'Up ladies? They love him and have gotten to know him at conventions and on the cruises.

My mom joined us the second day. She took this photo- the focus was all wrong but I thought it was kind of cool.


We convinced Gregg to come over one day during lunch to check it out - he had no idea how big Stampin' Up was. Here he is with the bag they gave everyone.