Saturday, January 10, 2009

holiday highlights.

This is a little late - but I wanted to post some highlights from the holidays. I was trying out a new camera on the family. I have never been good at writing, English or spelling (!) so I would much rather tell my story in pictures.

I hope you enjoy.




addie + enoch
(am I allowed to post pictures like this?)




quinn + grandpa quinn getting ready to ski.


(she too got a camera for Christmas)


tiffany + grandpa quinn + quinn


quinn loves to ski


dallin + enoch


quinn after a sledding accident!


quinn + addie (sisters)


nathan (game face)




addie + quinn
new years morning before anyone else was awake!






enoch being a good sport with all my photo taking


quinn sledding




quinn + grandma quinn + addie + dallin


grandpa hopkinson


grandma quinn sledding