Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Lazy snuggly day in mom and dad's bed watching a movie.
The three of us - the way it used to be.
That is a lot of snow in the forecast.
The kids have been obsessed with playing "Annie" since we saw the play in December.
Here is Truman as Ms. Hannigan.
Norah likes Oreos!!!
Gregg sold this home in Park City and the next month it was located on the front cover of Wester Home Journal.
Bodie and mom naps.
Bodie LOVES cookie dough - today I taught him how to make it himself.
Playing with cousins.
I often look back and see things like this ... Pete stole Norah's bottle and drank it.  PETE!
Nelson got his hands stuck in grandma's chairs.
Skiing with cousins.
Super yummy pasta dinner.
I put this picture on our family foodie hangout and pretty soon my parents were knocking on the door asking to have some!  Love them.
Truman finally finished his Broncos stadium puzzle from Christmas.
I made Pete these food pictures to hang on the fridge so he can work on communicating and some words.  He immediately wanted strawberries when he saw the pictures.
More food pictures.
Pete crafting at my feet while I am on my computer.
We have received so much moisture.
My parents back yard had a stream through it - here two of the neighbors are digging a trench so the water doesn't reach their houses.
Happy girl.
Gregg working in bed - me getting ready to snuggle into my headed blanket!
picture magnets.
Relief Society activity I was in charge of.
White chocolate popcorn for the activity.
RS activity.
Bodie started "Yellow Arrows" so we have lots of bow and arrow's going on around here.
Little cutie.
That would be poop.
We went on a double date with my parents to the Hale Center Theaters production of "Cash on Delivery"  it was hilarious.  It was so much fun laughing that hard!!!
{Truman, Luke and Jake Woolstenhulme, Hawk Frost, Joey Clark, Luke Giles, Justin Westra, Carter Laird, Will Harty}
These cute boys are such good friends.
The birthday boy {Enoch} wanted his aunt Millie's cinnamon rolls on his birthday :)
These two love each other.
Crafting at grandma Quinn's.
Jean doing Truman's indian make-up.
Bodie looks so comfortable.
Love, love, love this happy girl.
Pete's food magnets on the freezer.
Monday morning basketball game {no school}
Truman, Carter, Hawk, Justin, Bodie and Joey.
For the last month I attended a Tuesday night parenting class taught by a grandmother {who raised 9 boys} in our community who I admire greatly.  It was SO good.  I hope to type up all my notes and flyers and things I learned soon.
Truman looking at his report card.
No worries - he is an amazing student in both English and Spanish.
Energy bites.
I love these things.
I am s.l.o.w.l.y. starting her on milk.
A long weekend called form some indoor swimming.
We all had the cold, Friday afternoon BLUES.
Pete wanted to be naked except for his rain boots ... 
What is this thing?
Pintest fail.
My mom was trying to make heart shaped cupcakes.
Love this boy.
A bowl of ice cream while he watches the snow fall.
Nap hair + my eye pillow.
Got a snow blower.
Bring it Mother Nature.
Hanging in the hall outside Truman's classroom.
Love that boy.
Prepping for teacher dinners again.
Heart shaped brownies with chips melted on top and red chocolate because we LOVE our teachers.
This month we served my favorite winter-time soup to the teachers.
Chocolate popcorn.
My friend makes the most beautiful salads and the teachers LOVE them - they are always the first thing gone.
Second night we did homemade white chicken pasta bake.
The brownies were in these bags with love toppers.  I didn't get a picture of them all done up.
Pete's speech therapist.
Love this note on our local dairy's door,
"We have NO milk ... call on Monday."
It's actually kind of sad .. the state made them stop selling several times during the winter do to E. coli outbreaks.
Bodie's favorite cheese "Our Herd's Curds" ha!
One FREEZING cold day Pete insisted on going out in the snow.  I really didn't want to go out so I let him out on the back patio.  All he wanted to do was make little feet print in the snow.
Pete trying to trick me into letting him sleep in his fort.
Truman playing around with a book he got at book fair that has a dinosaur app.
Truman reading to Anna.
Cousin sleep over.
Ditching school to ski with dad!
I picked them up with their favorite treat waiting in the car - Cinnabon and hot chocolates'
Why have one binky when two is twice as good!!!  One of each hand.
Nice morning hair Norah.
Our family with Truman reading us scriptures.
Oh Pete.
I love three year-olds.
This is how I found him at the end of a nap.
This little girl is working on getting lots of new teeth and all she wants to do is snuggle mom.
Time for new passports for me and Gregg + one for Norah ... upcoming trip :)