Sunday, October 26, 2008

I hate when I get behind in my 'journal' (aka - blogging).
Unfortunately I need to do an update, so here goes.

Krista (one of Gregg's younger sisters) came to town for a week long visit. She has been taking cake decorating classes and made us this amazing cake (including the fondant) It hit the spot!


Quinn (3)


Enoch (1) dipping his burrito into Uncle Nates root beer!


Uncle McKay and Addie (5)


Tiffany + Me + Dallin + McKay + Addie + Nate + Enoch

My sister Tiffany and her husband Aaron came to town with their three kids for a visit (actually it was a work trip for Aaron - he was recruiting BYU students to work for GORE). We had a lot of fun playing, making Halloween cookies, etc. Before they left my mom treated us all to Cafe Rio.