Sunday, July 27, 2008


Okay. This is a funny story.

I serve in the Primary presidency in our ward - Sunday we had a visitor that was crying for his mom (it was S.Hughes grandson -from the former general RS presidency). I tried so hard to distract him but he continued to cry for his mom.

I finally decided to take him out into the hall and try to bribe him with some candy. I opened the door into the hall and pulled him out. I started explaining that his mom was in a "boring adult class" and that "primary was way more fun." I noticed someone else in the hall approaching us as we had our little 'discussion' about primary vs. going to the adult class. I pulled the little crying kid to the side of the hall so the approaching stranger could pass us.

I looked up to see Elder Jeffery R. Holland standing there watching the ENTIRE episode. He was the ONLY other person in the hall besides us...good thing I was not yelling at some kid!